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Yum Yum Dim Sum in Shanghai ... to go

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A walk up dim sum counter in the main tourist district of Shanghai.  No waiting for the cart to come your way only to have your favorite dish snagged by the table next to you.

This place is pretty close to the Yuyuan Garden which is a must see if you're in the area.

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Haircut in Hanoi

Outside the US you will find all kinds of small businesses run by the side of the road or on a city sidewalk. Here is an example. This guy will lower your ears right on the street.

Notice the second barber chair to the right of the first one. I am not sure if he is a waiting customer or a second barber taking a break. It's also a mystery where the electricity is coming from.

Wonder how long this would last in a more developed country?

Oh... and just in case you were wondering.  I'd just had a good trim myself or I may have been tempted to give him a shot!

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