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Majestic sunset in Mürren, Switzerland

This photo was taken on a three week trip around Switzerland in the village of Mürren.  We had just arrived, checked into our hotel, and decided to stroll around before dark.

As we were walking, the clouds started to roll in and the sun began to set.  This was just one shot of many.  The skyline changed more dramatically over five minutes than I have ever seen.  When we first started walking you could clearly see all the mountains surrounding the village.  Just before dark, the clouds had rolled in so thick that you would not even realize the mountains were there.  This shot was in the middle of that transformation.

There is no real way to describe (visually or with words) the feeling this sunset gave us.  It was magical.  I hope you enjoy this image and can get just a little of what we felt that evening.

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Bon Voyage - One last view of the city

Here is a view of the Miami skyline when departing on a cruise.  In a way, it is one of the best moments of the cruise.  It's like Friday just after work.  You have the whole cruise ahead of you to enjoy.

Seeing the the city slowly get further away by the minute and feeling the ocean breeze on your skin you get a wonderful feeling of freedom and anticipation.  The hustle and bustle of your life is melting away.  The cruise will be perfect.

Be sure to make your way "aft" on your next cruise to see this view and think peaceful thoughts about the next few, fun-packed days!