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Bondi Beach (Circa 2000)

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Here is an old photo from my time in Sydney, Australia.  (Digital cameras have come a long way!)

This is Bondi Beach which hosted Olympic beach volleyball in 2000 just before I arrived.   Of course, this beach was popular well before the Olympics decided to go there.  See the Bondi Stories web for history, lots of old photos,  and to see how the beach has transformed (and stayed the same) over time.

It's about time to start planning another trip Down Under.  We want to travel to Australia and New Zealand again while we're young enough to enjoy the outdoors activities!

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Bon Voyage - One last view of the city

Here is a view of the Miami skyline when departing on a cruise.  In a way, it is one of the best moments of the cruise.  It's like Friday just after work.  You have the whole cruise ahead of you to enjoy.

Seeing the the city slowly get further away by the minute and feeling the ocean breeze on your skin you get a wonderful feeling of freedom and anticipation.  The hustle and bustle of your life is melting away.  The cruise will be perfect.

Be sure to make your way "aft" on your next cruise to see this view and think peaceful thoughts about the next few, fun-packed days!