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Fairytale view in Hallstatt, Austria

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A couple of years ago we spent a few days in the mountains between Vienna and Salzburg, Austria in the village of Hallstatt.  We got the idea from Rick Steves as many Americans do.  Wow, did he steer us in the right direction.  This area of Austria is absolutely stunning with lots of activities to do.  I'll write a post about things to do in the area soon.

Some people in China like this village so much they made a replica of Hallstatt in China.  Pretty amazing.

The photo above is a view of the village as seen from the ferry that takes people from village to village.  Such a beautiful scene with the old style building and the mountains.  Hallstatt itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Bird's Eye View of Antarctica

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Took this photo on New Year's Eve of 2001 during a flyover of Antarctica.  We had about four hours of flying time over the continent.   This is somewhere near Tucker Glacier.  More on the flight and more photos in a later post.

Note to self:  Whenever you make it anywhere near Antarctica take a DSLR!

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Picturesque Swiss mountain village Here is a picture perfect scene from the village of Mürren in Switzerland.  I recently spent a week there.

You cannot get to Mürren by car.  The only two ways to get there are train or cable car as it is 1650 meters (about 5000 feet) up in the Alps.    The main sounds you hear are cow bells ringing as the cows graze all day in the hilly pastures.

Check out a previous post of mine on Mürren to see a sample of activities in the area.  Also, the evening sunsets can be magical to watch sometimes.

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Majestic sunset in Mürren, Switzerland

This photo was taken on a three week trip around Switzerland in the village of Mürren.  We had just arrived, checked into our hotel, and decided to stroll around before dark.

As we were walking, the clouds started to roll in and the sun began to set.  This was just one shot of many.  The skyline changed more dramatically over five minutes than I have ever seen.  When we first started walking you could clearly see all the mountains surrounding the village.  Just before dark, the clouds had rolled in so thick that you would not even realize the mountains were there.  This shot was in the middle of that transformation.

There is no real way to describe (visually or with words) the feeling this sunset gave us.  It was magical.  I hope you enjoy this image and can get just a little of what we felt that evening.

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Serenity Between Two War Torn Cities

Bosnia and Herzegovina is often thought of a war ravaged nation that got torn to bits by civil war in the 1990s.  That image while true is misleading.

Parts of the country remained untouched for various reasons:  Not interesting to either of the three major sides of the conflict, the terrain was too rough to attack, or the UN stepped in to guard certain areas.

This photo was about halfway between Mostar and Sarajevo.  Both cities saw heavy damage and large death tolls during the war.

  Wonder why this stretch of beautiful mountains seems to untouched and peaceful today?