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London bus tour - Big Ben and Parliament

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Took this photo from the top deck of a double deck tour bus.   We had our oldest daughter with us.  Our youngest was on the way, but not born yet.  So, technically, I guess she was with us too.  Despite the clouds, it was a beautiful day in London.

This is just as we were crossing the River Thames.   If you could look back to the right, you'd see the London Eye.  I love this angle of Parliament and Big Ben.  It is hard to get a good shot with a tripod on the ground owing to traffic on the bridge.  This is also a great area to hop off the bus and walk around it.  It is full of history and things to see.

We used The Big Bus Company and really enjoyed it.  They also do walking tours in certain areas as part of the ticket.

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Social commentary or a simple street sign? You be the judge.

This was taken during a photo walk in Cambridge, England with a friend of mine.  It was sometime during the summer of 1994, I believe.

Jesus Lane is a street in the heart of Cambridge just a few blocks from the river.  Apparently, it was not open for cars that day.  ;-)  The street is home to a couple of great parks as well as the wonderful campus of Jesus College.

This sign just struck me as something I should record to use later.  Here we are, 18 years later.  Wow.  Time does fly.

I can almost feel the sunshine from that day.   Yes, it looks a little cloudy in the photo.  But, trust me, that was a beautiful day in England.