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Hot Air Balloons and Rock Formations - Cappadocia, Turkey

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The Cappadocia region is central Turkey has some amazing landscapes.  I highly recommend visiting Cappadocia if you go to Turkey.   There are caves to explore, complete underground cities, valleys to trek, and some of the most unique rock formations on the planet.

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Just the hot air balloon experience itself is incredible.  The morning we went there were at least 100 balloons up at one time.  You can get a flavor for the number of balloons in the air from the picture below.

You will wake up about 4AM and a shuttle will pick you up from your hotel at about 4:30AM.  The first stop will be the balloon company office to sign paperwork and have a quick breakfast.  Soon you will load up in vans and convey to the launch site.  You will watch them inflate the balloons, hop aboard, and get a quick safety brief.

The next thing you know, you'll be easing off the ground and gracefully floating above these strange looking rock formations.  It is both loud and quiet at the same time.  The gas burner that keeps the air in the balloon is very loud.  Luckily, it is used sparingly.  Otherwise, it is very quiet.  You're just floating up there in awe.

Do not forget to take some photos!  I was halfway through the trip before I realized I should collecting digital memories!  :-)

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Fishing off the Galata Bridge in Istanbul

Lots of people fish from the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. This bridge is sort of a gateway between Istanbul's Old City and modern Istanbul.


They hook the fishing poles to the bridge using a special rig.


There's even an outdoor bait and tackle shop for the fishermen to buy what they need.


Here are some close shots of the bait and tackle they have available.