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Pretty path to a Portuguese church

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St Gualter Church in Guimarães, Portgual is small-ish as churches go.  The garden out in front of the church is what makes it spectacular.  I love this view from the fountain down to the church.  The garden is so well kept and simple yet elegant.

The church dates back to the 1500's and in 1993 was listed in Portugal as a property of public interest.

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Legitimate Graffiti in Lisbon

Across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon you can take a street car that goes up to the top of the hill. Lisbon has hired street artists to paint scenes along the whole length of the street car ride. Before it was just boring concrete walls. The art is a great use of space! Once you get to the top of the hill there is a park with excellent views of the city.

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