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Wyman's Security Bites - Your daily security newsletter

Please check out my online security newsletter.   There is a link to it at the top menu of the blog as well.  Just click on News at the top.  These are news articles that are part of my constant stream of open source intelligence about IT security and management issues.  Mostly security. There are two editions of the newsletter daily.  Morning and Evening.  The morning edition comes at 0000 GMT and the evening edition comes at 1200 GMT.  To save you the time zone math, that is 0800 and 2000 US East Coast time.

I firmly believe a security professional needs to have daily input as to what is going on in the world.  This may have come from my military background.  Sure, we had closed sources of information, but pretty much everywhere I went there was CNN or something similar playing in the background.  The reason is simple:  Closed sources of information will eventually lead to a closed mind about what is happening as well as what is possible.  The world evolves very quickly if you're not paying attention!

So, subscribe today to my online newsletter today or at least get your own stream of external information to keep you informed on security events around the world.